Black Books

American Overseas Schools Historical Society “Black Books” 1-3

Lee Davis and Bruce Taft were honored as Volunteers of the Year in 2006 for their careful, tireless, and extensive compilation of the “Black Books”.

What the present “Black Books” are –

Book 1: History of American Schools around the world from 1821 to the present.

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  Book 2: History of The American Overseas School Historical Society (AOSHS) since 1995 to the present.

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Book 3: Charter & Life Members

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Book 4: School Locations DODDS – DDESS- Panama Canal Zone

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These “Black Books” are physically located with the AOSHS Historian Board member. They are always available to be read in Wichita, Kansas each September when the on-site AOSHS Annual Board meets and at the annual DoDDS Reunion.

These “Black Books” record and preserve the history of DoDDS and AOSHS.  They will continue to be updated through the present day.