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The American Overseas Schools Historical Society is a nonprofit organization that collects, records, reserves and displays the history and memorabilia of the American Overseas Schools.  Its purpose is to enhance the public knowledge and understanding of this highly successful endeavor, and to provide opportunities for research, both in the United States and the research community at large.AOSHS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (IRS Tax ID# 71-0904488) incorporated under the laws of the state of Kansas.  Donations are tax deductible as allowed by the IRS.
AOSHS Funds:   Contributing is easy…. You can contribute to AOSHS by:
AOSHS Endowment/Building Fund
Drysdale Archive Endowment Fund
AOSHS Operating Fund
  check or money order
credit card donation (via our donation cards, over the phone, or via link below)
estate planning (will, trust, life insurance policy, retirement plan or appreciated assets)
Donor Categories

Yearly contribution

From To
Supporters $ 5 $ 99
Friends $100 $249
Pacesetters $250 $499
Sponsors $500 $999
Patrons $1,000 $1,999

Lifetime total contribution

From To
Associates Circle $2,000 $2,499
Partners Circle $2,500 $4,999
Founders Circle $5,000 $9,999
Fellows Circle $10,000 $19,000
AOSHS Circle $20,000 $49,000
Presidents Circle $50,000 $99,000
Mary Muehring Circle

This circle recognizes philanthropists large and small who have included AOSHS in their estate planning.


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AOSHS Memorial Program
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